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MROC 4x4 Response is a volunteer organisation that operates 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year, in all weather conditions, helping and supporting local communities at times of greatest need. The group provides a vital transport logistics solution to resource Local Authorities, Emergency Services, Statutory and Voluntary Agencies in emergency situations where the use of 4x4 vehicles can make a positive difference.
The group is a sub-section of the Midland Rover Owners Club (MROC), a local long established non-profit organisation made up of Land Rover owners and enthusiasts. The group has already formed close links and partnerships with Coventry CC, Solihull MBC, and Warwickshire CC's emergency planners (CSW Resilience) in enabling the delivery of essential services during severe weather conditions and major civil emergencies.
MROC 4x4 Response group’s mission is to sustain a resource of experienced volunteers, who are able to deploy consistent, quick and efficient responses to requests for assistance from a number of Statutory Agencies across the West Midlands Region. The volunteers all wish to put something back in to the community.

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